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Hey guys, if you're reading this then it means you've opened the TARDIS! I didn't know it opened until I installed it, and even then I was all like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?
Pretty cool, huh?
Anyways, I blog funny stuff, original stuff, but mainly superwholock, Hannibal, and let's be honest, a ton of smut... Hope you enjoy what you see, and if you do then please follow!

Dear Supernatural Fandom,





Are we still a fandom or can we be classed as a cult yet?



We are officially a Cultdom.

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, the Cultdom is climbin up yo window, snatching yo salt up

Tryin’ ta convert ‘em. So ya’ll need to hide yo kids hide yo wife and hide yo husband ‘cause they’d be exorcisin’ erryone up herre.

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